Ricardo Castano

Patrick Grossi (aka Active Child) is two for two this year.

Earlier this year, he shared his spellbinding new song "All Eyes on You," and today he has released his glowing new single "Set Me Free," both marking his first two releases on Sony Masterworks.

The intimate new track arrived Friday, co-produced by Bon Iver collaborator Andrew Sarlo, and it's apparently dedicated to his young daughter Nova, who gave him the inspiration to finish the song, which he had started some time back but couldn't bring himself to complete.

"I sing, thanking her for breaking the spell and filling my voice with light and air and hope again," he said of the new song. "Its like a hymn to me."

The song arrives with an accompanying video which includes personal footage spanning six decades, including 8mm clips of Grossi's father as a child, his grandmother as a young woman, and his daughter and wife.

"I wanted to tie all of these moments together, it’s a beautiful reminder for me of the inevitable passage of time," he says of the video.

Watch the video for "Set Me Free" below.