Artwork courtesy artist

We still don't know who they are, but enigmatic outfit The Hour is back with their second new track of 2019, this time with "Answer."

Like "Wasted" before it, it arrives with an accompanying video, directed by Ben Strebel, with presumed members of the band again playing the core characters of in the visual while wearing masks obstructing their identities.

"This video is about choice or lack of it," says The Hour about the new clip. "It’s about contrasting opinions in the decisions we make for our children, the lasting effect it might have on them and how being parent it’s so easy to innocently pass things onto them."

While the video for "Answer" isn't anywhere as graphic as the previous video, it continues the glimpse into the group's creative universe as they've teased a project named Mother and a counterpart release titled Father.

As we wait for what comes next, see the video for "Answer" below.