Image from 'Mother' video

There's a lot we don't know about emerging U.K. outfit The Hour, which, despite its singular name, is actually not just one person or voice but rather it's a collective.

The group on Thursday released a new single called "Wasted," a brooding, rock-infused cut accompanied by an extended video/short film soundtracked by a different rendition of the track. The clip features the band's diverse array of members all masked, identities concealed as they partake in a dramatic, rather graphic "game" involving knives—again, while their eyes are obstructed.

It's a very chilling set of visuals, a collaboration with director Ben Strebel, but it offers a glimpse into the group's creative universe and perhaps an indication of what to expect in the future, including a project named Mother and a counterpart release titled Father.

While we await more, take a look at the "Mother" short below, which features the song "Wasted." Note: The video is age-restricted and some of the content may be considered particularly violent.