Image from 'It's Not U It's Me' video

Bea Miller has released a glossy video for her new single "It's Not U It's Me," which features 6LACK.

And in the wonderful, over-the-top set of visuals, 6LACK appears in a dream sequence and offers lessons of self-love and taking time to care for yourself, which line up effortlessly with the song's lyrics.

"I wanted this video to represent that learning to respect and prioritize yourself comes through trial and error, but also that in order to do that you can't take yourself too seriously," says Miller of the new video, which was directed by Pilar Zeta and Jimmy Edgar. "It’s difficult not to be self-critical if you can't laugh at your mistakes, which is why this video is so playful while also hopefully still getting the point of the lyrics across."

Watch the video below and click here to see the dates for Bea Miller's tour, which starts later this month.