Joseph Llanes

Atlanta-based pop-rock outfit OBB has shared a new acoustic video for their recent single "7 Billion," with the clip premiering today on Variance.

OBB is made up of brothers Zach, Jacob and Nich Oswald. They shot this video in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where they also filmed the previously released set of visuals for the studio version of the song.

"While shooting the music video, we were so blown away by the scenery that we just had to shoot the acoustic video there also," the trio says of their decision to film both in the same location. "We got up extra early one day to shoot the acoustic video right at sunrise. Even though it was freezing and we had to look like we weren't cold, I think we captured the beauty of the Salt Flats."

As for the song itself, OBB says they were inspired while on tour and observing the many people they encounter, explaining that "with all the people in this world, when you find someone to love it, doesn't matter where you are or what's happening around you, it can be just the two of you."

Watch the acoustic video for "7 Billion" below.