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Whatever your weekend plans, Teenager Forever has a dose of sugar to soundtrack it in the form of their debut single "#FAKE," which arrived this week with an accompanying video.

The gummy pop cut and its candy-coated visuals are described a "plastic song to accompany an internet based lifestyle," drawing influence from Euro-pop names like Nena and Aqua, as well as Ariana Grande and Britney Spears.

Teenager Forever is made up of Hans and Anna, who first met in high school in Århus, Denmark. And despite the moniker, they are both adults who came together in an effort to create a space whether they celebrate ideas of eternal youth and consumer culture. They taught themselves Ableton Live by watching Youtube tutorials and have since linked up with Shoplift Productions.

"#FAKE" comes as a preview of Teenager Forever's new material, with plans for their debut EP later this year.

Check out the new video below.