Tojo Andrianarivo

In support of Honey, her first album in eight year, Swedish pop singer, Robyn has embarked on a three month 2019 tour through Europe and North America. Seattle was fortunate to be amongst the eleven tour stops in North America and her Northwest fanbase couldn't have been more ecstatic for her return.

The singer poured her heart out to a sold-out crowd in the beautiful historic Paramount Theatre, on a stage draped with a flowing white backdrop and a large sculpture of intertwined hands. Along with her newest material from Honey, the best of Body Talk made up a significant amount of her setlist as well as a couple hits from her 2005 self-titled album, namely "Be Mine!" and "With Every Heartbeat." At several moments in between songs she performed animated contemporary dance interludes, occasionally accompanied by a male dancer. 

Her dedicated fans zealously danced and screamed along throughout the whole night. The peak of audience participation was without a doubt during "Dancing on My Own," when her whole band went silent after the first verse and the crowd belted out the entire chorus in unison followed by loud cheers and clapping for over a minute before she continued the rest of the song. 

Much of Robyn's songwriting on Honey deals with going through a dark period of pain amidst a divorce and loss of a close friend and collaborator. However, the album just as strongly proclaims a sense of hope, overcoming tribulations and emerging stronger than ever. This message was clearly manifested into every detail of her stage presence and felt throughout the entire auditorium.

Her loyal fans had undoubtedly been awaiting an end to their queen's hiatus and it was evident that she left them fully revitalized.

See photos from the Seattle show below.