Angelina Golt

Detroit singer-producer ayokay is heading into the weekend with brand new music.

Today, he is sharing his massive new single "Waiting For," which is a collaboration with slenderbodies. It's out today and premiering today on Variance along with an accompanying video.

"I have been a fan of slenderbodies for a very long time," says ayokay. "During the pandemic, we finally got to collaborate and it led to us creating 'Waiting For.' The song feels like the perfect compromise of our two unique sounds, and sonically it launches me into summer every time I hear it."

He adds: "The music video was one of many shot during our week in Ukraine. On two of the days, we got to explore the beautiful natural outskirts of Kyiv, and we found ourselves in this magical field of grass and trees. Specifically in this video, two characters explore the natural outskirts of the 'digital dreamscape,' which is a computer generated world inside of a super computer created by the female protagonist. As they are inside of the super-computer she has built, she takes her companion through a dreamlike computer-generated field of grass where the male character gets a look into her world."

From slenderbodies: “It was great to finally meet Alex and blend the organic side of our project with the tasteful electronic textures and drum production that he is so great at.”

Watch the video for the new song below.