Artwork courtesy Nettwerk Records

Emerging Minneapolis artist Landon Conrath is here with a great new single "Last Week."

The new track is out on Friday, but it's premiering today on Variance, as Conrath turns a bad experience in a past unhealthy relationship into an earnest, undeniably mesmerizing gem, capsulizing very relatable feelings of self-doubt, frustration and angst.

"'Last Week' is about a person in my life who made me feel like I was constantly under their feet," explains Conrath. "We worked super closely together, but I always felt like my ideas weren’t good enough and that I should just quit music in general. Whether it was truly a bad situation or if I just put those ideals on myself, this song illustrates with the struggles of self-worth."

The new song follows Conrath's Dazed & Confused EP, which arrived last year. "Last Week" is out tomorrow via Nettwerk Records, but you can hear it below.