Toby Shearer

As North Carolina singer Dylan Gilbert prepares to release his album I'll Be The Lakebed, he is ready to shared the opening track "Stacked Howls."

The gripping track and video is premiering today on Variance, giving a glimpse into Gilbert's new project, while evoking flares of Perfume Genius and Moses Sumney. The new visuals were created by Toby Shearer.

"Throughout this project I’d been experimenting a lot with beats and loops, but with 'Stacked Howls' I wanted to try something that felt more open and organic," says Gilbert. "I started trying more live-style recordings so that the tempo could ebb and flow. One of the unifying concepts of this group of songs is the intersection of spirituality and technology."

He continues: "Another one of the inspirations behind the whole project is the idea that we’re all addicted to screens, which has only intensified since COVID. While in quarantine my partner, choreographer/artist Sarah Ingel, filmed me and the footage was sent to our friend, videographer Toby Shearer, who took the footage and blended the technology with the organic world in a beautiful and inspiring way."

Gilbert's full album is expected to arrive digitally this fall. But the video for "Stacked Howls" can be seen below.