Photo of Lana Del Rey at the 2018 Grammys, by Timothy Kuratek

Lana Del Rey says she is "doing fine" after a Florida man was arrested for stalking the singer and threatening to kidnap her.

According to Orlando Police, officers arrested 43-year-old Michael Shawn Hunt of Riverview on Friday night outside of Del Rey's show at the Amway Center. Authorities said the man was carrying a knife and a ticket for the concert when he was arrested just a block away from the venue.

As of Sunday, Hunt was being held without bail for charges of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and aggravated stalking with a credible threat. Police have also confirmed that despite the seriousness of Hunt's attempt, he was unsuccessful in making any kind of physical contact with the singer.

"Thanks for the messages," Del Rey said Sunday afternoon on Twitter, adding that her tour will march on and she "can’t wait to see everyone" in Atlanta on Monday.