Image of Wayne Coyne in 'Jingle Bell Rocks!' documentary

The Flaming Lips are stepping up to help end homelessness this holiday season. 

The Oklahoma City-based band has teamed up with local publication Curbside Chronicle for its annual Wrap Up Homelessness gift paper project, with frontman Wayne Coyne contributing custom artwork for this year's Christmas effort.

Curbside Chronicle is published with assistance from the nonprofit Homeless Alliance and employs homeless and low-income individuals with the mission of giving them a voice, providing a source of income, increasing awareness, decreasing stigmatization and offering an alternative to panhandling. 

"He's a regular and he buys the magazine," said Ranya O'Connor, the magazine's director, of working with Coyne, explaining the Lips wrapping paper is like a "holiday" and "psychedelic" take on the artwork for the band's latest album Oczy Mlody, which was released earlier this year.

O'Connor also noted: "The biggest reason why we created Wrap Up Homelessness was because the holidays can be a bleak time for our vendors. It turns these months into a happier, more inclusive time for them. They might not feel like they have something to offer."

See Coyne's artwork below and purchase it as well as a number of other collections here.