Photo of Jay-Z: Getty

Jay-Z could be purchasing Harvey Weinstein's interest in the Weinstein Company after the disgraced studio exec was fired from his own organization.

TMZ reported Wednesday Jay has been consulting with his team of investors, including a movie producer and billionaire, to consider buying Weinstein's 23% stake in the company.

The move wouldn't be all that unusual, as Jay has been making a number of strategic investments in recent years. Earlier this year, he also teamed up with TWC for a first-look film deal, which already includes The Kalief Browder Story and a Trayvon Martin project which is in development.

Weinstein was ousted from TWC on Sunday following explosive allegations of sexual assault. And while the company seems intent on rebuilding, there are already concerns about its future. Thus, Jay-Z's potential entrance could be a big positive.

Following revelations of his misdeeds, Weinstein attempted to apologize for his actions with faux Jay-Z lyrics. "Jay-Z wrote in 4:44, ‘I’m not the man I thought I was, and I better be that man for my children.’ The same is true for me."

While those words don't necessarily match the album's lyrics, Jay does address his own mistakes, specifically in the title track. "And if my children knew / I don’t even know what I would do," he explains, nodding to his unfaithfulness to wife Beyoncé. "If they ain’t look at me the same / I would prob’ly die with all the shame.”