Photo courtesy Redferns

Just weeks after announcing a $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper on Friday held a second press conference to unveil the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund in Chicago.

"We all know that Illinois education system is one of the most underfunded in the nation," Chance said during his announcement today, noting his personal investment in the city's success "as a parent and a CPS graduate."

The fund is intended to "bring arts programs and materials to schools that have experienced a decrease in 5-year graduation rates, addressing their budgets, textbooks and music programs."

Before the event, a press statement suggested Chance "will make a major announcement about his efforts to support Chicago Public Schools." The press conference was held at Paul Robeson High School and it will be streamed online.  

So far, Chance and his SocialWorks program have raised more than $2 million for CPS, including an additional $1 million donation from the Chicago Bulls. More information can be found here.