Mumford & Sons Slam JAY Z's Tidal Streaming Service as 'Commercial Bullsh-t'

Photo of Mumford & Sons by Ty Johnson

Mumford & Sons have made clear they don't support JAY Z's new "revolution" Tidal—or at least the rapper and his friends' execution of the streaming service, which launched last month.

"Bigger bands have other ways of making money, so I don’t think you can complain," frontman Marcus Mumford told The Daily Beast, explaining that it's not the Kanye Wests or Coldplays who need support, but rather the up-and-comers. "A band of our size shouldn’t be complaining. And when they say it’s artist-owned, it’s owned by those rich, wealthy artists.”

He went on to explain that while they don't wish to be "part of some Tidal ‘streaming revolution’,'" they also don't see eye-to-eye with Taylor Swift's decision to withhold music from streaming services (her catalog, minus new album 1989, is on Tidal but not Spotify). "The focus is slightly missed. Music is changing. It’s fucking changing. This is how people are going to listen to music now—streaming. So diversify as a band. It doesn’t mean selling your songs to adverts. We look at our albums as stand-alone pieces of art, and also as adverts for our live shows.”

The musician also slammed the "tribalistic aspect" of Tidal: "People trying to corner bits of the market, and put their face on it. That’s just commercial bullshit ... We want people to listen to our music in their most comfortable way, and if they’re not up for paying for it, I don’t really care.”