Photo of Beach House by Shawn Brackbill

Thank Your Lucky Stars! After teasing some news on their website, Baltimore duo Beach House confirmed Wednesday that only two months after the release of their latest album Depression Cherry, they will release a new full-length next week.

Titled Thank Your Lucky Stars, the new set will arrive on Oct. 16. And according to the band, it is a standalone LP in its own right. "It's an album being released the way we want," the duo tweeted. "It's not a companion to Depression Cherry or a surprise or b-sides."

The announcement comes after news that Beach House will also perform a surprise show this weekend in Baltimore.

See the tracklist and lyrics below.

01. Majorette
02. She's So Lovely
03. All Your Yeahs
04. One Thing
05. Common Girl
06. The Traveller
07. Elegy to the Void
08. Rough Song
09. Somewhere Tonight