Photo of attendees at Bonnaroo 2015, by Tom Tomkinson

Ahead of its upcoming 2016 event, Bonnaroo is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a handful of "new amenities and infrastructure improvements," such as flushable toilets and hundreds of shower stalls.

Organizers revealed Tuesday in a press release that Great Stage Park—home of the annual fest—has added a "permanent water line, allowing for the installation of more than 400 permanent toilets (38% of the total toilets onsite will be flushable), hundreds of permanent shower stalls (35% of the total shower stalls onsite), and a large number of water filling stations newly installed throughout the site."

While the news might seem insignificant to some, it's a welcome and huge development compared to previous years of the four-day event, which sees thousands of attendees camp on-site throughout the 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee.

Set for June 9-12, this year's lineup will be revealed next Tuesday (Jan. 19) on TBS' Conan.