emie nathan, photo courtesy artist

Last week, rising singer emie nathan returned with her new song "static," which comes at the start of a new chapter for the artist, who is teasing a new EP this year.

The new music follows last fall's release of her debut white light EP, with the second EP expected soon. nathan will also be opening for Lewis Capaldi on a string of European and U.K. dates this month, starting Saturday in Dublin. 

We chatted with nathan about the new music, hitting the road and more. Check out the conversation below.

How exciting it is to be playing with Lewis Capaldi?

It is really wild. I was obviously a fan for ages before we were ever in touch, so it is surreal he has seen something in my music. We’re a few days away now and it's getting more and more exciting.

Do you have any kind of pre-show routine?

Every gig so far has been super different, the spaces, the time, etc. I think as much as I can, I just try to talk as little as possible and be calm haha! I get a bit nervy before shows so I like to have a quiet moment even if it's brief.

You mentioned “static” was about an experience several years ago. What is it like writing about something like that now?

Really cathartic. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind as something I could eventually write about, but I wanted to make sure my angle was right and I was making it with the right people. I feel so proud of "static," so I know I did that time justice through the finished song.

How do you feel you’ve changed since the first EP until now?

I feel older…which I am. But in the creative sense too. I know what to expect and how to streamline my process. I know what to look for and think about when approaching a body of work. I know how I want to present online and the work it takes to do so. I know what it means to be independent and wear 100 hats on a given day — I’ve got all the foundations now to be reactive and understand the ambiguity of everything a little better. I’ve just learned so much from the first EP and from everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with through it all.

What are you most excited about next?

The music. Whatever comes next will stem from these songs, and I am so proud so say that I wholeheartedly love each one that features on this next EP. I feel like it really shows my progress as an artist and songwriter. I can’t wait for listeners to hear them.

emie nathan's live dates:
June 25 — Malahide Castle — Dublin, RoI *
June 26 — Ormeau Park — Belfast, UK *
June 28 — Castlefield Bowl — Manchester, UK *
June 30 — Barn On The Farm Festival — Gloucester, UK

*supporting Lewis Capaldi