Image courtesy Nettwerk

What a way to start the weekend! Today, Grace Shaw (aka Mallrat) shared a surprise, expanded version of her song "Wish On An Eyelash."

The new rendition, dubbed "Pt. 2" of the original one-minute cut, is a collaboration with The Chainsmokers, and it comes after the Australian singer previously teased a new version of the viral fan-favorite. The surprise release is so wonderfully perfect and it's our latest Big Obsession.

"The original ‘Wish On An Eyelash’ is a short, one-minute introduction to my album and was never promoted as a single," says Mallrat. "But there must be something a bit magic about it, because in the last few months it has stood out as something that really resonates with people and now has a life of its own.”

She continues: “A few weeks ago, I was completely taken by surprise when I logged on to Twitter to see The Chainsmokers had remixed the song out of pure love for it—we had never met or talked! For something so big to happen organically like this is really special and really rare. I am so excited for this interpretation of my track to be an introduction to a whole new audience. Thank you to The Chainsmokers."

The new release comes as The Chainsmokers recently shared on social media: “Made a lil remix of @lilmallrat wish on an eyelash. The song is too good to only be 40 seconds long.” Mallrat replied and sent them the stems.

The producer duo later added: "I've listened to this song by @lilmallrat everyday and I love it so much but it’s only :58 long so we did a little thing and made it longer. enjoy :) love you @lilmallrat."


Hear the full, expanded, official version now below.