Smashing Pumpkins Ink Deal for Two New Albums in 2015

Smashing Pumpkins fans will have a lot to look forward to next year, as the band is expected to release two full-lengths in 2015.

Billy Corgan revealed Tuesday on his website that he recently signed with Sony/BMG for two titles, Monuments To An Elegy and Day For Night, both of which will arrive next year.

Corgan described the sound as "guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars" before explaining the new material will be "more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic. Recording sessions begin today, as plenty of songs have been written and ready to go. Manning the boards will be producer Howard Willing, with whom I first had the pleasure of working with during the ‘Adore’ sessions. We expect a single out by year’s end.

Next year will mark three years since the release of Smashing Pumpkins' last record, Oceania.