Jack White to Release Original Version of Elvis Presley's First Record

Photo of Jack White performing, by David James Swanson

Jack White in a new interview with Billboard revealed himself as the new owner of Elvis Presley's first recording.

Having purchased the auctioned vinyl for $300,000, White will release replicas of the 1953 recordings of "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" via his Third Man Records.

Due on Record Store Day (April 18), the limited, 10-inch 78rpm disc will be packaged in a "plain, nondescript, of-the-era sleeve" with "typewritten labels," according to a press release from the label. The goal is "to create an object so close to the historic original as to almost be indistinguishable from one [another]."

A widely released 7-inch 45rpm disc with newly restored audio will arrive later this year, also on Third Man.

Listen to a teaser of the original recording of "My Happiness" below.