Pooneh Ghana

James Sunderland and Brett Hite (aka FRENSHIP) are back with new music.

The duo on Wednesday returned with their glistening new single "Wanted a Name," which happens to be a collaboration with fellow Variance favorite Yoke Lore. Coming off the success of their hit "Capsize," FRENSHIP hit the road supporting Bastille on tour, which gave them the spark for this new track.

"It changed everything for us," says Sunderland, who adds: "In the midst of focusing on that, we don’t want to lose sight of what made us start making music in the first place. This song is an attempt to regain that original feeling of pure excitement of sharing our music with the world."

For his part, Hite says the new cut felt more left of center for them, perhaps driven by the energy of having been on the road for so long.

"We were all anxious to get in the studio and make something new," he tells Variance. "In my opinion, when the desire to create outweighs the desire to create something perfect, the result is almost always a more fortuitous outcome. The desire to create something perfect is riddled with criticism and inhibitions. Music is subjective, so setting out to write the perfect song is a counterproductive head-space. I think having been on the road away from the studio for so long allowed us to not have any pressure in the process."

Hear the new song below.