Photo courtesy artist

Rising artist Sam Himself has delivered a new treat for the weekend.

Hailing from Switzerland, the New York-based rocker on Friday released his fizzy new track "Heartphones," a blustery preview of his upcoming Nobody EP, which is coming on April 20.

Coming off a busy week at SXSW last month, this new track wades into Future Islands territory, with Sam's vocals eerily evoking those of Samuel T. Herring. And while the production sounds clearly sleek and modern, toward the end of the song, the singer exudes a sort of gravelly roar which instantly infuses a Bruce Springsteen vibe.

"If you’ve ever chased a dream and bet the farm on it, you know the moments of deep doubt that come with true commitment," Sam says of the new song. "I tried to capture that experience of losing faith in your own pursuit, where you cross-examine yourself like a lover in crisis ... 'Heartphones' is a love song about doing what you love."

Hear "Heartphones" below.