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After making her official debut last fall, Swedish newcomer MONA has released her debut Au EP, which arrived globally on Friday.

The emerging producer-singer first surfaced with her debut single "Gold Baby," which premiered on Variance back in October. "It's about the point in a relationship when realizing that you've reached a dead end and there's no way back to what once was," she told us at the time.

"Creating this EP has been a challenging and emotional trip, but I feel very happy to share it with the world," she said about the new three-song project, explaining the origin of the name: "Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Gold has historically been a symbol for things that [are] perfect and divine, but also for aging and wisdom. I have used the metaphor in two ways; to express the 'golden' things that are fading but also where I am as a more mature and independent woman."

Listen to the Au EP below or any digital platform.