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The 6 God isn't wasting any time this year.

After promising new music was on the way in 2018, Drake early Saturday morning released two new songs, "God’s Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity." The tracks arrived on streaming platforms without much notice, although he posted a warning on Instagram shortly before the release.

While the songs are billed with the title Scary Hours, there was no formal announcement about additional material, suggesting this is perhaps just a single release. A rep for Drake wasn't immediately available for comment.

Those who follow Drizzy on Twitter may recall he first tweeted the phrase "Scary Hours" back in 2013. It's apparently all part of "God's Plan."

Drake has been spending significant amounts of time in the studio over the past few months. And his upcoming project is one of Variance's 45 Albums to Watch for in 2018.

Hear his new songs below or on any digital platform: "God's Plan" | "Diplomatic Immunity"