Photo by Luke Schoenhals

As 2017 comes to a close, Nashville emcee Nic Signer (aka MESSYAH) is bidding the year adieu with a brand new single "I Don't Wanna Die."

MESSYAH's music has been described as "existential trap," as he's written about some rather personal life issues, including losing his faith, fighting suicidal thoughts and financial instability. The new track, which he recorded and produced himself, is premiering today on Variance but it's officially out via streaming platforms on Friday (Dec. 8).

He calls "I Don't Wanna Die" a summary of the past year, "a checkpoint song portraying where I am in my existence." He adds: "This past summer, every weekend, me and my crew would always get drunk or high on the porch and freestyle 'til about 11 p.m. Then we'd all put on sunglasses and Uber to a club to go dancing. There’s always something freeing about that experience ... We don’t give a single fuck what other people think of us 'cause, I mean, we’re already fucked up and wearing shades on the dance floor."

MESSYAH also says the song is reflective of finally being confident in himself as a person and an artist at 25. But it's also "about being broke; having no money in the bank; wanting something, even though time is slipping away super fast; and finally, after a long period of time, seeing clearly and growing in confidence to be yourself and step out into the future."

Hear "I Don't Wanna Die" below and follow MESSYAH for more.