Mick Jenkins, photo by Leandro Lara

Mick Jenkins' new album The Patience arrived Friday, and it's one of this week's best.

We already knew the record would include a number of collaborations, such as guest features from the likes of Benny The Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, Vic Mensa and J.I.D, but the real standout of the project is the man himself, Mick, showcasing both boldness and humility throughout.

“I honestly feel like my career is only just starting now," says Jenkins. "Everything that came before The Patience was a different me. Look, before it felt like I was chopping onions for five hours a day, but now my sound is at Michelin star level and I’m sitting on the top of the totem pole. Once you plant a seed you need to spend years watering it and nurturing it. With this project I feel like all that patience is finally starting to pay off… It's a beautiful feeling.”

Hear the record now in full.