Lian Benoit

On this busy new music Friday, DJ Karaba definitely stands out.

The French-born producer/DJ today released her new Souvenirs EP, a spellbinding project perfect for these hazy end-of-summer days. The new collection includes the impressive anchor track "Espoir," which is definitely a favorite.

"Being able to control the music with my fingers was the closest I ever felt to music. The feeling was just out of this world," says Karaba of finding her way to DJing and subsequently enrolling in the DJ Scratch Academy in Los Angeles.

She adds: “I'm very intense and it's reflected in everything I do, especially music. My goal being on this earth is to inspire people, especially young black girls, that you can literally do whatever you put your mind into. I've come from barely anything, but I have an artistic soul that guided me to where I am today.”

Of the new song "Espoir," Karaba says: "This is probably my favorite single on the project. I used vocals that I recorded while I was on a trip in Puerto Rico. I love that you can hear the coqui in the background, which is an emblematic animal from there. You also hear the birds. I just love this song; it’s so beautiful and calming and a perfect way to end the project."

Hear the new EP now.