Photo courtesy artist

Defying the unconventional, London based singer/songwriter Maria Wilman has just released her debut album at the age of 50. Proving that there are no rules when it comes to following your dreams, the new release, Dark Horse, is all about the unpredictability of life, emphasizing how it is never linear. 

Having started her career in Psychology, working in the NHS, Wilman shares, “I chose psychology because I felt like learning to understand how people think and feel would equip me well for later, for understanding the plot of a story, the motivations of a character.” Despite a successful career in this field, she always felt in her bones that creating and performing was her true path, finally making the big jump. The artist explains, “I think I always knew, deep down, that I would end up returning to what I knew was true. I knew I would end up aligning my life with my deepest intention, with where my heart has always been.”

Dark Horse is a 12-track release, showcasing Wilman’s incredible storytelling ability, as she sucks listeners into her own unique world. With each song, we get to explore a little more of her mind, learning about her love for investigating the deepest depths of the unknown. An area where many people are often afraid to go and yet Wilman does it with such ease and eagerness.  

A beacon of light and hope, Maria Wilman has certainly made a big impact with her debut, and we are looking forward to seeing where this new chapter of her life takes her next.