Photo by Lindsey Blane

Canadian artist Xana blends evocative narratives and vivid imagination in her latest single “babyblue.” With her music often touching on her everyday experiences, as well as themes of LGBTQ romance and female empowerment, she creates something that is relatable, honest and authentic and her latest single does just that. 

“babyblue” speaks about the sands of time slipping through our fingers, and our desperate attempts to cling on to what once was. In particular, Xana notes her most cherished childhood friendships, as she reflects on old memories and ponders where everyone's lives took them. Xana shares, “It’s about the anxiety that comes with the passage of time, looking back on those imperative teenage years with nostalgia and longing, hoping that everyone who you loved, who shaped and held you in your youth, is doing alright out there without you.”

The introspective track is beautifully melancholy whilst wistfully hopeful. She yearns, “You look just as I remember, it’s been a few years, but I’ve known you forever,” as nostalgia floods through her veins. This driving pop anthem is the perfect mix of uplifting melodies and bittersweet, sentimental lyrics, delivered through crashing percussion and indie guitars.