Justine Vanderpool

Brooklyn-based artist Rothstein is getting the weekend started with new music.

On Friday, the Boston-bred singer-songwriter shared his new song called "Chokehold," which showcases real swagger, following his soul-infused single "Small Talk," which dropped earlier this year. The new track, co-produced alongside his long-time collaborator and Brasstracks producer Ivan Jackson, comes as Rothstein is teasing a new project, How Not To Drown, which is on the way.

According to Rothstein, the new song is a mature take on Alvin Schwartz’s short story The Girl with the Green Ribbon.

"No matter what, he loved this woman and the acknowledgement she gave him," he explains. "In the end when she takes her shirt off, there was nothing underneath that could change what I felt about her.”

He adds: "'Chokehold' is a song about the secrets we keep from the people we love. It’s the only record on How Not To Drown that touches on that wonky, late snare thing à la Chris Dave or Dilla; to me it sounds a bit like Jai Paul were he a bit less funky and way more evil ... in 'Chokehold,' I’m willfully ignoring my lover’s terrible secret because it’s convenient and pleasurable to keep my eyes and my mouth shut. The onus is on me to confront this secret, yet I let her keep the ribbon on; it’s easier that way. Secrets are sexy, and I think this song is sexy like a secret—it’s dark, heavy, indulgent and brooding, it’s mean, it’s raw."

Hear "Chokehold" now.