Sam Westhoff of Haffway, photo by Abi Westhoff

Following the release last month of his debut single as Haffway, producer-artist Sam Westhoff on Friday shared a riveting new single called "I Don't Need You Anymore."

It's an emotional gut-punch, delving easily into The War on Drugs territory with Westhoff's rich, smoky vocals on full display as he repeatedly confesses, "I don't know a damn thing." And while the song is called "I Don't Need You Anymore," the lyrics suggest perhaps, just maybe he's not directing this at someone else but rather aiming the words at himself, or a past version of himself.

As we previously noted, Westhoff, a musician and producer who has spent the past couple of years working behind the scenes on other artists' projects, said ahead of the new music's release: "I've been through many variations as an artist, but this is it for me."

Until recently, Westhoff was based in Tulsa, but earlier this month, he shared he was relocating to Nashville. This is the first song he has released since the move, and before putting it out, he said on Instagram: "This one is very special to me. First song written for this collection. Excited to share it with you." He added: "This one was the catalyst for me to get back into the artist seat."

Hear "I Don't Know You Anymore" below and you'll understand why we've had it on repeat all week long.