Photo courtesy artist

Fronted by the talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Gray Ford, GRAYtheband is an Edmonton alternative neo-soul and R&B project. Unveiling the latest single "All Done," the track explores the profound complexities of modern society, relationships, and self-preservation. The lyrics of "All Done" navigate the turbulent waters of personal turmoil, reflecting Ford's own experiences and emotional journey. Opening up about the song, Ford explains, “I was closing a chapter of place and time with this song. Since showing others, folks seem to associate the lyrics and general emotion of the song with their individual trying—and sometimes traumatic—experiences that they have endured.”

Enveloped in tender piano melodies and resonating instrumentation, “All Done” radiates emotional, soul-stirring vocals, with a repetitive line, "all done," which acts as a mantra, offering an encouraging and supportive statement of safety and affirmation. 

The release is the first single and the title-track from the upcoming debut album and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from GRAYtheband!