blackwave., photo by Daniil Lavrovski

Belgian hip-hop duo blackwave. is back with new music today. On Wednesday, the longtime Variance favorites shared their new single "Champion," which is a collaboration with London-based artist Jordan Mackampa.

It's out now ahead of a deluxe edition of their sophomore album no sleep in LA, which is coming on Sept. 8.

"This song for me is a special one," says Jean-Valéry Atohoun of blackwave. "My dad had always called me a Champion, and pushed the idea of being one of the greatest in whatever I did from my earliest memories up until he passed away about two years ago. It positively influenced me in a sense that if I get myself into something, I always strive to be part of the best of the best in that field. But it has also led to negative thoughts whenever I wasn’t achieving that, and I’ve only really been reflecting on that since his passing. It made me zoom in and think about his and generally my parents’ involvement in the shaping of my being, which was a very teary eyed yet necessary experience to grow.”

Jordan Mackampa adds: “I was a kid that was always told how special they were — but it only added to the pressure and standard l felt I had to live up to. Creating this song with the guys has been incredibly healing and helped me see that even when you feel like you’ve lost, in someone else’s eyes you’re still a winner.”

Check out the new song now.