Photo courtesy artist

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, electro pop artist St. Humain recently unveiled his new EP, METADRAMATIC. With hints of R&B, the seven-track EP is reminiscent of Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth and Post Malone, thematically touching on all the emotions we face when it comes to relationships. The incredibly honest and personal release is like reading diary entries from the songwriter’s journal as he talks about his own experiences with relationships, friends and self-love. 

St. Humain shares, "Things are usually more dramatic in our heads and I hope that each song is reflective of that inner drama. I think it's very cool to confess at least to yourself what you're actually feeling. I think that gives you a level of freedom and helps you somehow gain confidence just to be yourself. And to identify the negative feelings too, I think that's the first step on the way to overcoming them."

The EP features tracks including “Wanna Talk” which is the painfully relatable song about the initial stages of dating, when you’re trying to play it cool, but also wanting to show someone you’re interested in them. Then there is “Pillow” which again speaks of the familiar feeling of laying awake at night with thoughts running through your head. Sometimes our thoughts can become overwhelming and it can be hard to switch off, toying with the ‘what ifs’. 

METADRAMATIC is the perfect soundtrack and pick-me-up to accompany those in their twenty-somethings, going through life's ups and downs.