Gemma Warren

Blake Rose has released his new EP, titled You’ll Get It When You’re Older, which arrived Friday on AWAL Recordings.

The new, 7-track project includes the Australian singer's standout track "Dizzy," as well as the new highlight "Don't Stop the Car," which was released alongside a video directed by Julian Buchan.

Notably on this new EP, Rose took more creative control, producing most of the new material himself while drawing inspiration for the EP title from a dialogue with his sister a decade before.

"My older sister was battling drug addiction—which she is thankfully now on the other side of,” says Rose. “That period was pretty rough for our family. It had a subconscious impact on my life, and it manifested itself in some of these songs. When I was 14, she joined us on our big road trip, and she was in the depths of addiction. Since I was confused and trying to understand where she was coming from, we had a long conversation. We went back and forth, but it ended with her saying, ‘You’ll get it when you’re older.'"

He adds: "Those words stuck with me the whole time. As I started writing songs, our conversation would always come up. I essentially tailored the EP around the subject matter.”

Hear the full EP now.