Blake Rose in 'Dizzy' video

As he prepares to hit the road this month, Australian artist Blake Rose is back with new music.

On Friday, the singer shared his soaring new single called "Dizzy," a playful new track and a preview of his newly announced You'll Get It When You're Older EP, which will be released on Feb. 24 via AWAL Recordings, he confirmed today.

“I wrote 'Dizzy' because I wanted to create a song that felt like you're in a classic high school movie," he says of the new song. "'Dizzy' is about that insane feeling you get when you have a crush and they're giving you mixed signals that you just can't figure out. This song is a part of my EP ‘You'll Get It When You're Older’ which mostly focuses on drug addiction. It was important to me and felt right to include Dizzy because it brings a little fun and joy to an otherwise somber record.”

The new song and EP announcement comes as Rose will is set to tour in North America with girl in red starting later this month.

Watch the video below.