Photo courtesy artist

Jonah Kagen is starting off the month (or closing out the year, depending on how you look at it) with the release of his debut EP, titled georgia got colder.

The rising singer's seven-song project is one of our favorite new releases, along with a video for the song "georgia." It also includes his past standouts “hill that I’ll die on” and “graveyard shift,” as well as "barcelona," for which Variance premiered the acoustic performance video.

“Each song on this EP has a unique story from a different period of my life,” says Kagen of the new EP. “I’ve experienced so many distinct emotions over the last couple years—missing someone, being missed, being there for someone, needing someone to be there for me. I think they’re all equally valuable, and I wanted them to live together in a space that can hopefully bring some sort of comfort to anyone listening that might hear even just one line that resonates.”

Check out the EP and the new video now.