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Jonah Kagen continues to keep us captivated, and today is no different, with his newly released single "graveyard shift."

The thrilling new track is out today alongside an accompanying video. In addition to the new song and video is Kagen's announcement that he debut EP will be released in just a few weeks, on Dec. 2.

"'graveyard shift' came out of one of the wildest days of my life," says Kagen of the new track. "The song didn’t come until I truly let go—I stopped trying to write a song and just let the world show me what it wanted to, and an incredibly special story appeared. I really think you can feel the sentiment of 'letting go' in the song, and I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Last month, Kagen shared his beautiful song "hill that i'll die on," which followed his recent single "Barcelona," of which Variance premiered a special acoustic performance earlier this summer.

Watch the video now.