Teren Mabry

Pat Kiloran has released his debut album as nobody likes you pat). On Friday, the singer-producer shared his album titled imago, which is out via Nettwerk.

The ongoing Variance favorite, previously known for his band MILKK, premiered his song "tired of going to bed" with us back in September. That song along with the new standout "letters from god" appear on the newly released record.

The new album is a collection of songs navigating Kiloran's successes, failures, marriage, unexpected children, mental illness, physical illness, loneliness, financial loss, damaged friendships, therapy, God, death, substance abuse and so many other struggles and personal battles. As we previously mentioned, the title is a play on the Latin phrase “imago dei,” which translates to “image of God.”

“The theme of this album is loosely tying together a plethora of very specific and very human experiences from my own life or people’s lives that I am close to," says Kiloran. "Seeking to help listeners grasp the beauty, value, and depth of their lives, particularly in the struggles and hardships therein, and specifically drive their hearts to the main point we so often misconstrue: unconditional love.”

After previously touring and releasing milking under the MILKK moniker, Covid presented a moment to pause and regroup. “It felt the right time do something else," he says. So his family packed up their home in Nashville and moved back to Minnesota, where he began writing and recording in his attic.

Hear the new album now.