Pat Kiloran of nobody likes you pat, photo by Teren Mabry

Emerging singer-songwriter/producer Pat Kiloran (aka nobody likes you pat) is sharing a new song this week.

His irresistible new single "tired of going to bed" is out Friday and it's premiering today on Variance ahead of the song's release. The track is reflective of the all-too-relatable struggle of a relationship, and it comes as the Variance favorite, previously known for his band MILKK, teases his own debut album imago, which is out Nov. 18 via Nettwerk.

“Relationships and marriage are not accurately portrayed very often on the silver-screen," says Kiloran of the new song. "They are full of constant stretching, growing, patience, and forgiveness. This song tackles the middle phase between the fight and the reconciliation."

The album title imago is a play on the Latin phrase “imago dei,” which translates to “image of God.” 

After previously touring and releasing milking under the MILKK moniker, Covid presented a moment to pause and regroup. “It felt the right time do something else," he says. So his family packed up their home in Nashville and moved back to Minnesota, where he began writing and recording in his attic.

“I was in the same environment I grew up in, but it was a new city ten years later," recalls Kiloran. "Everything felt more peaceful. Being here allowed me to find my identity. I tried to create music in a way that felt like a good reflection of who I am and what I’m trying to say.” 

Check out the new song below.