Samuel Bradley

The 1975’s fifth studio album Being Funny in a Foreign Language epitomizes a variety of themes, from the importance of maturation and self-reflection, the good and bad of romantic cliches, and acknowledging being vulnerable, while embodying a John Hughes-directed 1980s coming-of-age-esque feel in its runtime of 43:26.

The album in its 11-track entirety speaks on a range of topics in a reflective tone while also giving a personal perspective from the the band’s frontman Matty Healy, when it comes to subjects such as addiction, humility, and loneliness at the center of the album's subject matter. In what could be considered a ruminative body of work, with irony in the lyrics accompanied by electropop instrumentation that come to terms with how life can be, the album gives listeners what is wanted and needed to be heard despite how hard and/or necessary it is.

By fusing a multitude of instruments and differentiating genres from the additional production credits by Bleachers lead singer Jack Antonoff, the album's composition of brass and synthpop chords, and differentiating genres from art pop, indie rock, and alternative, not only gives more of a reason for listeners to be intrigued by the bridging of the musical gaps between the various sounds that not only raises the bar for the group musically, but it signifies a unique way of how the band itself continues to separate themselves from the conventional norms of the industry.

In what feels like a return to the band's inceptive roots and unorthodox pop-rock aesthetics, the musical essence and soundscapes that are lyricized on the album present more than the thrills and fates of falling in love on tracks such as "Looking for Somebody (To Love)" and “I’m In Love With You”, but the supplemental emotions that come with it, whether it's the joys or consequences of finding the conventional boy meets girls love story that comes with the regretful angst and remoteness on displayed on songs such as “Human Too,” “About You,” and "All I Need to Hear" as well. The album not only retains the foursome's early foundations that they were known for, but also showcases an eclectic range of genres that give the group an identity of their own.

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