MORE&MORE, photo courtesy artist

Maybe we're biased because they're from Tulsa, but MORE&MORE keeps delivering the jams.

Case in point, today the band has followed up their debut I'm Still Getting Used to It EP, which arrived back in July, with their new single "Cigarettes in Paris." It's a crisp little bop, and it's further proof of the band's undeniable knack for making glossy earworms. 

The band has been teasing the new song in recent weeks, keeping up the momentum from their first EP. And according to the group, this new track is just the first off a totally new project, which will be released in just a few weeks—in October, in fact.

MORE&MORE is made up of Brady Ballew, Jacob Hunter, Charles Spears, Jordan O'Dell and Liam Spears. As with their previous releases, the new single was recorded at The Colony Recording Company in Tulsa, and it was produced by Variance favorite Sam Westhoff.