Sebastian Keefe

Great news for a Friday!

Handsome Ghost is back with new music today. The duo of Tim Noyes and Eddie Byun earlier this week confirmed they'd be returning with new music, and now it's here in the form of their new single "Neptune." The hypnotic track follows their standout 2020 album Some Still Morning.

"This song is a character sketch, more or less—basically just describing this super eccentric woman over the course of one day...or three verses," says the pair. "You’re not learning a ton about the narrator here, other than how he’s reacting to her. This one started with the third verse: That the scene basically played out word-for-word down on the Lower East Side a few years ago. And that was the inspiration behind this character."

They continue: "From there it was just flushing things out a bit with these other little moments that the two spend together over the course of the day. I don’t see this one taking place in New York though. I picture it somewhere more gritty—a little more off the beaten path—or somewhere that’s less of a destination. The scene in the second verse seems important to me too...where she’s pointing out to him all the exists outside of their city or town. They both want more (or at least she does) and there’s ambiguity around what their relationship is...friends? More? And I think there’s a question too if they’re going to get what they want or if they’re just going to be roaming around this city, day after day.”

Check out the new song now.