Photo courtesy artist

We know there's a lot of new music out this week, but please allow us to draw your attention to newcomer Tom A. Smith.

The rising artist, who at 18 has us absolutely enamored, is proving to be anything but a fluke with his newly released EP2, the followup to last year's EP1. The standout project includes the previously released favorites "Never Good Enough" and "Could I Live With Being Fake" as well as the breathtaking new single "Man Overboard," an emotional, arena-ready anthem demonstrating the young singer's vocals as well as his undeniable songwriting skills.

"'Man Overboard' has without a doubt the best lyrics I've ever written," he says of the new track. "I struggled at the beginning of lockdown and it was songwriting and sending home recordings to my management that kept me focused. The first line summed up my mental health at the time ('I put a brave face on it, I put on a front, but even the sharpest tools I have are feeling blunt'). From start to finish, I'm proud of the lyrics in that song."

He adds of the full EP: “EP2 is a real progression lyrically for me and I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. All of the tracks I recorded with Larry are true to the original demos I recorded in my bedroom and for good measure we added a home recording of a lovely little acoustic song that's a favourite of mine. So happy with how it's turned out".

Hear the new EP below.