Photo courtesy artist

Offering a realm of orchestral-inspired alt-rock, quirky quintet Earthquake Lights are back with their latest release “Another Star.” Hailing from New York, the band occupies compelling narratives and a starry-inspired soundscape, bringing multi-dimensional tales to life. 

Their latest release brings them full circle, as they orbit into the truly hypnotic tales of the spacecraft Voyager. Enthralling listeners with tales of being shot into space, only to at long last be forgotten, they explore themes of inevitable loss, devotion and passion. It’s the band’s ability to invoke emotion into their latest single that makes them true pioneers of the genre, bridging gaps with Rodenhouse’s soaring vocal energy, blazing musical arrangements and lyrical captivity. They explain, “It's something that was once so relevant but has become dated and now exists far removed from anything that truly cared about it.” 

“Another Star” offers a catalyst of conversation, offering listeners a truly unique insight into their sound and likening musical persona. As they sing, “Say goodbye, Find another star, Send a message, Remind us who you are”, they continue to deepen their instrumental excellence, spearheading into space and taking their loyal listenership with them.