Photo courtesy artist

If U Take Me Home forms the musical project of West Hollywood multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jon Benward. In an unparalleled attempt to express himself through sonic instrumentalisation and lyrical ingenuity, Benward’s endeavours shine brightly across his repertoire. Unveiling his new single “Drag”, If U Take Me Home offers listeners a completely bespoke blend of contemporary R&B, with subtle undertones of hip-hop and electronica that form the foundations of his individualistic sound. 

Taking an introspective approach to his latest single, “Drag” solidifies Benward’s trailblazing approach to a new era of electronica. Telling the tales of a relationship that turned a bad corner, he explains “The parallel I draw in this song is the fact that the Christian belief of blind obedience often comes with the promise of some reward after the fact. I think the main reason that most people stay in toxic situations is the idea that they will be rewarded with that situation becoming better over time.” He continues to solidify the power of hindsight, adding ethereal elements to his vocal energy that see “Drag” as a soundtrack in times of transition that anyone can resonate with. 

Offering an honest exploration into authenticity, If U Take Me Home brings his chronicles full circle. He confesses, "My music is heavily inspired by the complex and heavy emotions that my songs tend to start from." Whether it’s the blissful vocal tones that sit atop his unique compositions, or the resembling tales of love and lustre that listeners can relate too, Benward is scoping out a sound that is only set to succeed.