Alexander Babarikin

ODESZA is just days away from releasing their new album The Last Goodbye, and they're offering up one more preview.

Today, the duo made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight shared their glorious new track "Light of Day," featuring Ólafur Arnalds, and it's a sweeping glimpse into the upcoming record, which arrives July 22 via Foreign Family Collective/Ninja Tune.

"'Light of Day' was one of the first songs off the record we finished," says ODESZA. "It served as a bookend for the record—and really, a guiding light for the project as a whole. This song started with Ólafur, an incredible artist and longtime friend, sending an initial idea our way. The vocal sample is from a 1970s folk song titled 'Mary' that we discovered digging through old records—featuring Stephen Ambrose. We see that vocal as a slow building mantra of sorts, something that we hoped would evoke this feeling of being at peace."

Hear it now.