Josh Shinner

Oh Wonder is continuing their big, sweeping new chapter with their new song "True Romance."

The glowing new track arrived Thursday, and it's the latest reflection of the real-life couple of Anthony and Josephine Vander West's post-pandemic breakthrough of new music, a preview of their upcoming album 22 Make, which is coming July 22. It's the followup accompaniment to last fall's 22 Break project.

"When we nearly broke up during the pandemic, we used music as a way out,” says Oh Wonder of their new projects. “We wrote all our pain, sadness and confusion into a collection of songs that we eventually released as the album 22 Break. But for us, that was only half of the story. We managed to survive our rocky patch, and emerge stronger than ever and full of love for each other. It only felt right therefore, to write about the other side, where you realise not just that you're meant for each other, but also that it also takes two people to make a love flourish."

They add: "We are thrilled to be releasing 22 Make, an album full of love and life-affirming songs that reflect on fate, gratitude and being there for someone.”

For now, hear "True Romance."