Photo courtesy artist

Emerging favorite Unusual Demont is back with a new jam.

Today, we got his new single "Maybe Not," an addictive new cut from the Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based artist.

"'Maybe Not’ is actually a song that I’ve had for a while but it didn’t feel like the right time to release it until now," says Unusual Demont. "I made it around 2020 with the same idea I had creating HUES.which is simply songs that make you feel good. However, this one always stood apart from the rest of that project to me ... That said, timing is everything, especially with change, and ‘Maybe Not’ is the perfect preparation/transition into the new world I’m inviting you into with my next releases. A world that feels like your favorite summer memory all the time. I hope you enjoy this invitation."

Check out the new song now.